1) privacy policy
inform all users that do not accept any form of fraud,
Be the part of administrators who are currently six.
1 ° Do not put fictitious numbers of users ie user who does not hesitate.

2nd ghost users do not accept ie those stuck to outsmart get a high number of points and not come back, only to return at the end of the month to get the monthly bonus of 800 credits.

4 ° not accept the automatic response email sent because it does not have time to look at our e-mail certainly will not have time to look at the offerings of our users only prove that he has not read or watched the signed contract.

5 ° If perhaps you notice the number of users at least not be grieved
They just got deleted the program manually Reason because he looks not browse does nothing useful to anyone here.

2) Accounts

1. Only one account is allowed per person, household or IP.
2. dragon-autosurf reserves the right to terminate an account without a prior warning if we suspect a violation of our Terms.
3. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Service.
4. dragon-autosurf may remove cash commissions at any time, if a TOS violation is found.


1. dragon-autosurf is not in any way associated to or endorsing of the websites displayed through our Traffic Exchange service.
2. dragon-autosurf reserves the right to reject any website at any time, even if it has already been approved by us earlier.
3. Banned websites
Adult content
Rotators / websites which show different content on every visit.


1. dragon-autosurf does not provide any guarantees as to the usability of this service for any particular purpose.
2. dragon-autosurf is not responsible for any damage that might have been caused by the use/misuse of this service.


1. dragon-autosurf does not give out any information associated with your account to 3rd parties, except when required to do so by applicable legislation.

Refund policy

1. Members have a right to request a refund up to 2 days after a purchase.
2. After a refund, the member will be permanently banned and will not be able to use the dragon-autosurf service again.
3) How do I win the autosurf?
Easy you just join us freely surf for 30 minutes every day.
You accumulate credits goes to their pages to be seen by other members.
best strategy to gain faster and promote your affiliate links.
We pay ten by ten dollares active indication.
Example: their indicated start buying our product automatically% and its deposited into your account.
4) What is dragon-surf?
What is dragon-surf?
The dragon-autosurf site and advertising based on the concept of large social networks.
With low investment. which covers spending on our servers.
the funds are currently reserved for payments of our active members.
5) Where the dragon-autosurf takes money to pay their members?
Where the dragon-autosurf takes money to pay their members?
Currently received donation of two micro company that believes in our work.
being divided into two steps.
1st 60% of these values ​​are exclusively for payment of members.
2nd 40% reserved for the program online again.